Rimmel — Live The London Look

Rimmel has been synonymous with "Get The London Look" for the best part of two decades. Culture has evolved, trends have come and gone - there's not one single look. BETC London created the tagline "Live the London Look", with the LL - a symbol for those who share an attitude that celebrates individuality, self expression and boldness, with Cara Delevingne as new brand ambassador.

I created the new visual identity across print and digital and developed concepts to promote new Rimmel products.

Client: Rimmel. Company: BETC. Visual Design: Julián Martínez Millá, Wolfgang Mitlöhner. Art Direction: Gareth Rice, Felix Heyes, Théo Dufaÿ. Photography Angelo Pennetta.


We created animated photobooths on Instagram for our influencers and ambassadors to launch the campaign through their owned channels, getting our attitude straight into the beauty channels they care about.


New Volume Shake Mascara has a patented Shake-Shake mechanism that means it never dries out or clumps up. I came up with an animation concept to show the product benefit, inspired by magnetic ferrofluid.